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Kyle Barber

Kyle Barber

General Manager
NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Pain-free Performance Specialist Certification

Body Transformation, Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Muscle Building, Strength

Coaching Approach

I help my clients in meticulous detail through training and mindset so they can reach their goals sustainably and stay pain-free.

“I've been working with Kyle for about a year and have made good progress on my goals so far. In the past I had challenges with other gyms/trainers with injuries from technique or going up in weight too fast then losing my gains from needing to take time off. It's been helpful setting a realistic plan and sticking to it, setting new PRs recently without the joint pains I had in the past. Kyle's style is methodical and systematic backed by his academic background and personal investment in the subject, and his ability to create realistic personalized plans (for weight loss or gains) has enabled me to reach personal goals I was unable to hit on my own or with other trainers.” - Nick B