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Jennifer Muirbrook

Jennifer Muirbrook

Personal Trainer
CFSC Level 1, CFSC Level 2, ISSA Strength & Conditioning, NASM Senior Fitness Specialist, TRX Functional Training Course

Active Aging, Muscle Building, Olympic Lifting, Sports Performance, Weight Management

Coaching Approach

I help others live their best lives by creating the strength and mobility needed so they enjoy an active, healthy, injury and pain-free lifestyle.

About Jennifer

Jen Muirbrook

Jen is an AMAZING personal trainer who has worked miracles for me! I had 2 other personal trainers before her. I saw almost no progress working with those trainers while trying to get my body back after having my son. In just a few short months with Jen, I was able to reduce my Diastasis Recti gap from 4 fingers down to less than 1! I have shed 5 lbs of baby and regular fat and replaced 3 of those lbs with muscle mass. It has been an amazing transition! A few factors that have made her stand out from all the other trainers is her ability to customize my workouts to exactly what I need and coach me on my nutrition, she has several certifications in nutrition and is very knowledgeable with nutrition. Being a mom of 5 herself and with her impressive background, she really has the experience and knowledge to help anyone striving to reach their fitness goals! I would give her a 100 out of 10 recommendation!! She is the best thing that you can do for yourself!! -Sharon W.