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Haylee Carpenter

Haylee Carpenter

Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Conditioning, General Fitness, Pre-/Post-Natal, Strength, Weight Management

Coaching Approach

I help my clients become more comfortable with their bodies and the gym so they can create sustainable progress that will benefit their lives long-term.

Haylee is the most amazing human!! I've tried multiple diets, classes, programs, and personal trainers throughout my life, and nothing's ever stuck. From day 1 with Haylee, I've never once had the thought that I need to quit the program because it's too difficult - she has taught me an approach to fitness that challenges me, but not in a way that feels impossible. I have been struggling with stress in my career lately and I can say without a doubt that having my program with Haylee to help me push myself to reach attainable goals has literally saved me. Training with her is something I actually look forward to in my week! Haylee has completely changed my outlook on that and I can now say I LOVE the payoff I've been seeing from it. I can't begin to recommend or thank her enough - she is easily the best trainer I've worked with and I will forever be grateful for how she's helped change my life in the most positive way!! – Jonie J.