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Caleb Beneke

Caleb Beneke

Personal Trainer

Body Transformation, General Fitness, Muscle Building, Strength, Weight Management

Coaching Approach

I help unmotivated clients begin believing in themselves so they can make the hard choices that create the positive changes they wish to see so they can enjoy more activities and be happier in life.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was already gaining weight at an unhealthy rate, but it really took off once we went into quarantine. I reached a point where I could not fit into most of my clothes that I loved, and I knew I needed to make a change. I called a friend and we hit the gym hard with the goal of finally getting in shape and fitting back into my clothes. I went from 248lbs to 175lbs in a year and I have kept working out now for close to 2 years. The big thing for me during this whole process was understanding that this takes time, and while it may feel like forever in the moment, time goes by fast and so will the weight loss.