Monique KidCare Team Leader

CPR /First Aid certified

I always have had a passion for teaching children. I’ve worked with children for over 15 years. Starting in High School, where we ran a preschool. As well as different programs in helping children learn to read & developing other skills that are essential in life. (1st, 2nd, 4th, & 5th graders.) I love kids! And when I came to this company, I felt I was where I was supposed to be. Now, being here for almost a decade, I have grown to love what I do even more. I adore the people I work with, the members I get to interact with everyday and all the wonderful kiddos I get to play with and inspire through FUN PLAY & HAPPY Fitness!
I am a mother of two beautiful young children, that tag along with me everyday. I have watched may kids grow through out the years in our KidCare. I can’t believe mine get to do the same experience. I try every day to create a safe & happy environment for all the kids to come and enjoy, while their parents workout, worry-free. From crafts to games, learning different skills, languages, and ASL!!! To interactive KidFit, obstacle courses, dance parties, and yoga & meditation! (…And tons more!) I want your kids to beg you to come! Then I know we’ve done our job!