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Laura West Valley - Centennial KidCare Team Leader


Early Childhood Intervention

First and foremost I am a mother and a wife. I have loved working with kids for 21 years. My career started as a babysitter and working as an assistant for children with disabilities while they attended Sunday School. I chose to study special education in college partially because of my experience with a sibling who is diagnosed with autism. I graduated from Otterbein University with BSE in early childhood education with a specialization in Intervention Specialist (aka special education).

I have worked for the YMCA and several Early Learning centers as an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist.

I am definitely a teacher at heart I love to bring creative ideas so that kids can have fun and learn new things. I am passionate about my work with children and find joy being able to see them learn and grow.

It is my privilege to care for and keep your children safe while you make healthy lifestyle choices. If there’s anything I can do to uplift your day, I am happy to help.Thank you for sharing your children with the Centennial VASA KidCare team.